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Belgitude Chocolate Bar

by Callebaut

Imagine this: a dessert served from a tap that looks like a Belgian beer yet tastes like chocolate heaven. That’s what you can expect from the Belgitude Blonde. This dessert is made with a chocolate & Earl Grey espuma, refreshing passion fruit jelly, red fruits, dark chocolate brownies and a coconut espuma. Expect a light, refreshing taste bomb!


And if you feel more like quenching your thirst with a liquid delight, then definitely have some lavish sips from Callebaut®’s refreshing Belgitude Brown. This mocktail was created by award winning mixologist Olivier Jacobs (Jigger’s) and barista Valentine Wanders (Het Moment). Expect a perfectly chilled coffee and cocoa lemonade subtly spiced up with vanilla, cinnamon, star anise and coriander seeds. 


O and if you really want to feel the madness, then try the Rum Cocoa Cola: that’s 4/5 of Belgitude Brown cocoa lemonade enriched with 1/5 of brown rum. Cheers!