Ready to go on a tasty journey?

Tomorrowland aims to gather all tastes from around the world. Take a look at all the different food stands that will be present during Tomorrowland!

Balls & Glory

Balls with a touch of glory

Meatballs & mashed potatoes: that is the specialty of Balls & Glory. Original tastes and fresh ingredients are the philosophy of known meatball chef and Balls & Glory godfather, Wim Ballieu. It's not there first appearance at Tomorrowland: there first one was during our 10th Birthday edition!

Frozen Yogurt

by Moochie

Imagine a hot Tomorrowland festival day, you'd need some refreshments, right? Well we've got the soliution waiting for you! Order a delicious frozen yogurt by Moochie and enjoy a fresh and healthy break during a day packed with Madness. Moochie has a store in almost every Flemish city, and is one of the region’s go-to frozen yogurt favorites - that is why they are invited back to Tomorrowland year after year. So order yourself a frozen yogurt, choose your toppings and enjoy! You can find these desserts within Tomorrowland as well as Dreamville…

Premium Burgers & Wraps

by Pastorale

You’ll find the premium burgers and wraps by two star Michellin Chef, Bart Depooter at Tomorrowland again this year! The chef from the Pastorale restaurant keeps aiming to serve the best quality food. A Tomorrowland Burger, made from 100% beef is one of the many mouthwatering options provided on the menu. Chef Depooter’s stand is definitely worth a visit. After all, you can’t get a burger or wrap made by a world-class chef every day…

Pita & Falafel

by Finjan

Finjan, a pita restaurant with Gault Millau recognition. Serving delicious pita and falafel dishes at Tomorrowland, keeping the authentic kitchen in mind. That's what we call a top of the line food festival experience.

Belgian Fries

By Swa en Marieke

Swa and Marieke, our official Tomorrowland Belgian Fries bakers, will be back at this year’s edition. In 2014 they introduces their fresh fries to Tomorrowland, and they were such a hit, we had to bring them back again and again.  Every one of their fries is freshly prepared – nothing is pre-baked or deep frozen, only the real Belgian deal!

Italian Food

By Tomorrowland Kitchen

A festival without pizza is impossible. Because of that the Tomorrowland chefs created their vision and passion about Italian food in the Tomorrowland kitchen. The pizzas are baked in a wood oven, like a real pizza should be. Every kind of pasta sauce is made from fresh and healthy ingredients. 


"La vita è bella" in the Italian food stands. 



by De Burgerij

Burgers and Tomorrowland, it has been a beautiful combination that we continue to feed. Where we only served world-class quality, that's the reason to invite De Burgerij again this year. If you're looking for a tasty burger with fresh ingredients and some well-chosen spices: this is the food stand you have to visit! 


Fish & Chips

By Fish&Eat

For those who think that crossing the English Channel is the only way to eat the best Fish and Chips, you will be surprised. How about a visit to Fish&Eat at Tomorrowland? What ingredients make this amazing dish so great? Fresh cod, fresh Belgian fries & the best tartar sauce, made on-site at Tomorrowland.

Korean Food

By Korea Snacks

We are proud to announce that Tomorrowland will offer you Korean Food for our 5th year in a row. Apart from noodles, rice dishes and dumplings, you will find some excellent spring rolls and Korean meatballs. Enjoy the Korean deliciousness by daughter and mother Kim.

Vietnamese Food

By Bánh Mì

Eating is discovering, experiencing & enjoying together with friends and family.
Out with boring, dull dishes and say ‘hello’ njammie exciting Vietnamese street food.
Bánh Mì wants to share their Vietnamese food culture with a smile! Because in Vietnam every eating moment is taken to enjoy life.
Bánh Mì offers a culinary journey to the Far East with surprising, fresh and authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Mexican food

By Tomorrowland Kitchen

Mexican food and summer: that's a combination that stands! Tacos and nacho bowls will be served here, but please tell your friends: they are too good for sharing...

Love Tomorrow Food

By Greenway

Greenway is your best chance to experience a vegetarian culinary foodgasm at Tomorrowland! What could possibly taste better at a dream-like festival than a fragrant, fresh and spicy kebab or hamburger? This Antwerp- Ghent-Brussels and Leuven based vegetarian restaurant has been around for 20 years and has steadily made its mark on how we see food today: healthy, eco-friendly and tasty! Greenway is simply the place to be for everyone who enjoys good, wholesome food. Yes, these kebabs & burgers are vegan, but they are first and foremost delicious. And that is what counts, right?

Hot Dogs

True Tastes of the World Streetfood

At Tomorrowland, nothing is casual so a hotdog can't be your usual hotdog. You can choose from 2 varieties that will make you rethink hotdogs! We guarantee you our best quality with these fresh grilled sausages and our delicious homemade sauces. Fuel up so you can get back to partying with a satisfied belly!

Roasted Chicken Burgers

By Fourire D'o

Roasted chicken, fresh from the roast to the burger, that's what Fourire D'o does. Enjoy their crunchy chicken burgers in different varieties, all made to give you a brand new food experience.

Available at Tomorrowland & Dreamville!

Mexican Nacho's

By Willy Nacho

Bringing you the best there is to offer in the Tex Mex cuisine. Willy Nacho serves his Mexican Nacho's in diverse variations, you'll love every single one.

Thai Food

By River Kwai

River Kwai offers you a real Thai experience with resepect for the authentic cuisine. It's their debut year on the Tomorrowland festival site and they will serve al their specialties, including their delicious Red Curry! If you're a fan of Thai cuisine or just looking for something new, River Kwai will definitely add some spice to your day.  



Luxury Pasta

By Peppe & Marcus

Peppe & Marcus aim to serve a mix of Italian food with a twist. Come and try the luxury pasta dishes served by these amazing Italian chefs